Alicante terminal’s future up in the air

Photo: Dr RdL.
The terminal is no longer used.

A future role for Alicante airport’s original and now disused terminal has yet to be decided. It has been de-listed for airport use, the central government’s ministry of Public Works confirmed. 

Earlier plans to connect the old and new buildings have been discarded as the new building, inaugurated in 2011 can handle 20 million passengers a year, double the present number, the ministry said.

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It government decided against reserving the old terminal for the exclusive use of one airline – possibly Ryanair – as this formula proved unsuccessful with Iberia and the T4 terminal at Barajas in Madrid.

Spain’s airports operator Aena is now looking for investors interested in taking on the 50,000-square metre building. A company linked to the current operators of the Alicante port’s cruise terminal made an offer a year ago, although finally this came to nothing.

Aena is looking for “commercial activities that are economically viable and compatible with the airport’s activities,” according to ministry sources.

This would suggest hotels or shopping centres, they added, although the last word will go to the experts.


  1. What a catastrophe! Not withstanding the enormous cost of the new, but with hindsight, not required terminal, they now find themselves in a dilemma of what to do with the original terminals – the second of which only became operational some five years ago!
    It may come as a surprise to some town planning officials, but an airports’ sole purpose is to facilitate the momement of both people and goods, and all its assets and energies should be solely concentrated on that. It therefore makes a great deal of sense to use one of the empty terminals to handle freight only and convert the second into the railway station thats long been considered. I understand that the latter will necessitate an infrastructure to service it to help and assist the general movement of airport passengers and goods etc., but the rewards will be well worth it.


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