A greener outlook for Almeria

Town Halls now have access to free garden products.

The 102 municipalities in the province of Almeria are in luck. The Provincial Government unanimously approved the lifting of the ordinance regulating the sale of plants and trees from the Provincial Nursery.

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From now on, all town halls may request plants to repopulate its parks and gardens free of charge.

A green commitment by the government which aims to help town halls in their environmental work as well as saving a few Euros, much appreciated by the battered coffers of most town halls.

The Vice President of the government, Javier Aureliano Garcia, explained that a plan is being developed so that “everyone is treated equally and town halls all have the same opportunities to request and receive plants and trees. We want this deal done on a scheduled basis with a call for all town halls to ensure an even distribution.”

Town halls will have precedence over associations and non-profit entities that will also be offered plants for free at the nursery facilities in the capital.




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