Arrested for stealing from charity

Charity Thieves: how low can they go?

National Police in Malaga have detained two women for stealing charity collection boxes from various establishments in the city. They stole a total of 12 collection boxes. The matter first came to the attention of the police when they received complaints from several neighbours in Velez-Malaga saying that their charity collection boxes had gone missing.



The boxes were stolen from all sorts of businesses including pharmacies, bars and shops and were meant to help a family in the neighbourhood which was in dire straits.

According to eye witnesses the women would take advantage of a distraction in the establishment and take the boxes while nobody was looking. Witnesses were able to identify the women as they realised what had happened after the fact.

The first 10 boxes were stolen on May 15 and the other two on May 19; the police identified and located the women for detention on May 22 in Torre del Mar.

The two women, 23 and 36, both residents of the area, stand accused of a crime of continued robbery.


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