Barcelona protesters clash with police

Photo: Otto Normalverbraucher.
Barcelona's 'Can Vies' building may be knocked down.

Police in Barcelona clashed with protesters yesterday (Monday) who burned bins and vehicles as anger led to outrage over the eviction of activists from a well-known squat.



Police officers arrested several hooded youths as the group smashed windows and threw stones at police and journalists outside the building.

Earlier in the day the authorities had evicted occupants who had chained themselves to the “Can Vies” building.

The building, which is owned by the local transport authority, has been occupied since 1997 by activists who use it as a community centre.

The evictions followed a court order after negotiations between city authorities and the youths occupying the building broke down.

Just hours after the eviction, hundreds of angry Barcelona residents marched in protest. The demonstration soon changed into violent clashes, with riot police charging groups of youths.

Barcelona police say that arrests have been made but they declined to say how many people had been detained.

Reportedly, Barcelona authorities are planning to knock the building down in order to develop the surrounding area.

Since its occupation by left-wing groups some 17 years ago, “Can Vies” has been used to host concerts, film screenings, debates, training courses and other events.


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