Spending in Spain hits record high

Spain's Canaries received the biggest economic boost.

Official figures have revealed that spending by international tourists in Spain has reached 10.066 million Euros up until March 2014.

This represents an increase of 8.1% over the same period in 2013 and, according to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, sets a new record.


In March 2014 foreigners visiting Spain spent 3.982 Euros, an increase of 6.6%, which represents the highest increase since records began.

The Canaries received the biggest economic boost, getting the most of the total spend for the fifth consecutive month.

The growth has been put down to a surge in foreign visitors and an increase in the average expenditure per trip (5.9%).

Average spending reached 113 Euros, with German tourists spending the most.

Germans accounted for 1.744 million Euros, accounting for 17.3% of the total while British tourists came in second, spending 1.644 million, up by 7.8% despite a 3.3% decrease in Brit arrivals.

The regions which saw the biggest rise in big spenders were: the Canary Islands, Catalonia, Andalucia and Madrid.

In Andalucia tourist spending rose 8.5% to 1.360 million, coinciding with an increase in the number of tourists and a 17.5% growth (105 Euros) in the average daily expenditure. 



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