Anti-burglary campaign ‘not racist’

The campaign poster: They're coming to your house...but they're not bearing gifts.

The Interior Ministry has had to clarify that images of a campaign to avoid burglaries were not racist.

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The campaign was launched on Twitter coinciding with the celebration of Epiphany to raise awareness amongst citizens that they should take precautions to avoid people breaking into their homes and stealing their belongings.

The images represented three figures, similar to the Three Wise Men, who appeared to have black skin. However, the Interior Ministry has explained that they are actually supposed to be thieves wearing balaclavas.

The explanation was issued following complaints from the PSOE socialist party which considered it racist, because they thought it suggested that all thieves had black skin.

The campaign was named ‘My home is safe’ and carried the slogan, “they’re coming to your home, but not bearing gifts’.

They recently asked if anything had been done to correct this and received the explanation regarding the balaclavas. 


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