New patrol cars for Alhaurin

Local Police in Alhaurin de la Torre have new patrol cars.

Local Police in Alhaurin de la Torre now have a new patrol car.


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The local councillor for Traffic and Citizen Safety, Gerardo Velasco, announced that there are now nine vehicles in the fleet, having added the new Renault Megane Space, with all the latest technology.

It has cost €30,000, the mayor, Joaquin Villanova, reported, saying that it was a positive step for the town.

It has been completely adapted for police needs and is already in use, making the fleet more modern and suited to the size of the force.


  1. Now may be they will drive past more things with out stopping.
    Where I live in Alhaurin De La Torre near Zapata, there are dangerous dogs with out muzzle off the lead, people driving the wrong way up & down the streets(no Entry), cars parked all over the pavement, litter bugs. And I never seen a police office stop & say anything. Just because they have more cars now doesn’t mean that they will be any more effective. I could list 1000 more things the police should be dealing with in my area alone but you never see them down this part of town & if you do they just drive past. Their not interested. FACT!


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