Guardia Civil solve lawyer death

Photo: Spain's Guardia Civil.
Guardia Civil have solved the Ojen drug trafficking case.

Guardia Civil have solved a case in which a body was found in Ojen in August 2010 with a large cut to the stomach where cocaine pellets had been extracted.


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A man was arrested in Fuengirola in connection with the death of the young lawyer who had dual Spanish-Colombian nationality.

The victim occasionally lived in Fuengirola and was having serious financial problems, which is why he decided to collaborate with the network, based in Colombia, which used ‘mules’ to bring drugs into the country via Chile.

His naked body was found dumped in Los Viñazos area by a couple walking.

It was wrapped in towels and there was a bag on his head and a cut along his stomach from top to bottom which had been sewn up with fishing wire.

He died from an intestinal obstruction caused by the pellets he had ingested, as it is estimated he could have been carrying up to a kilo of drugs. Traces of pain killers were found in his system.

The detainee is a Colombian drug trafficker who used a number of different identities and moved on several occasions to towns in Cordoba and Sevilla. He took great care to keep himself and his family hidden.

During a search of his home, Guardia Civil seized 334 grammes of cocaine, 570 grammes of amphetamines and 36 grammes of hashish resin, amongst other items.


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