Internet safety worries after Vigo case

Photo: Flickr by abodftyh.
Photos: were spread through “Whatsapp”.

Five minors have been arrested for illegally distributing ‘intimate’photographs of one of their classmates.


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The five minors, all male, were detained by the National Police in Vigo under suspicion of distributing sexual content photographs of a 13-year-old girl.

The police interrogated a dozen minors, all aged between 13 and 14, and finally selected five who they suspected of being the main ones responsible for the photograph’s dispersion on the web.

Police haven’t dismissed the possibility of making more arrests as the pictures have now left the geographical area of Vigo and have gone national.

The victim herself originally distributed the photographs, via ‘Whatsapp,’ in which she appears naked or semi-naked.

She sent them to her friends and ex-boyfriend but they were then sent to others who distributed them outside the group.

Police are continuing the investigation even though they already have 40 accusatory cases open on the matter.


  1. Some children never learn about posting private things on Facebook, What’s app etc. Without a seconds thought they post stuff to ‘friends’ or boyfriends not knowing that with such material none of them can be trusted.
    Parents should take more time in educating their children on the dangers of such internet sites.


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