Gambling addict threatens own family

Gambling addiction: can hit anyone.

A gambling addict in Manacor threatened his own mother and cousin at knife-point because they would not give him money to feed his habit.


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The man, 50, has a long criminal record for robbery linked to his drug addiction and demanded his mother, 82, give him money.

It would appear that in recent years the man had substituted his drug addiction for a gambling addiction.

When his mother would not acquiesce to his demands the man began breaking plates, glasses and causing general damage to the furniture in the house.

She then called her daughter who arrived with the suspect’s grandson and, on seeing his family, the man went to the kitchen and came back with a 17 centimetre knife and began threatening those present.

Having seen the violent state of her brother the woman then went down to the street to ask for help and call the police.

The local police had to climb over all the broken plates and furniture to detain him on suspicion of threatening behaviour.


  1. The subtle warning signs of a person crossing the line from entertainment into a gambling addiction can be easily ignored. “I’m not that bad.” “I can stop anytime I want to” “I’m not hurting anyone.”
    I’m grateful for the more than twenty years I have enjoyed recovery and turned my life around. I have a newsletter, Women Helping Women, on-line ( which is being read by gamblers around the world. I have also published two books; Gripped by Gambling, which follows my destructive path into the addiction and Detour; Avoiding temptation that lead to addictions, where the reader can share my recovery and how my reaching out to others, helped me. Both books are available on Amazon.
    Marilyn Lancelot


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