Trial for Briton beaten to death

Brit Stephen Mallon was caught up in a Competa bar brawl.

The trial against 16 people for the death of Briton Stephen Mallon, 49, in Competa, in June 2009, is due to be held in Malaga Provincial Court at the end of this month.


The public prosecutor is asking for 12 years in prison for one of the accused.


The investigation has concluded and the public and private accusation have prepared their cases.

Mr Mallon, a Bournemouth roofer – originally from Glasgow – had travelled to his holiday home in the village with twin sons Carl and Peter to celebrate their 17th birthday.

The two boys and two of their friends were also injured, as well as a man who came to their assistance.

On June 5, 2009, a fight involving at least 30 people, mostly aged between 18 and 25, broke out in bar La Estrella after a young man set upon one of the twins, who had allegedly been flirting with his ex-girlfriend.

Bottles and flowerpots were thrown and the fight turned into a riot. The bar’s owner attempted to throw out the offenders, but without success.

During the scuffle, which Stephen reportedly attempted to break up, he fell from a five metre wall.

His family says he was lifted by three men and thrown over the edge, but others say he lost his balance during the brawl and fell.

Despite being seriously injured, the accused continued to beat and kick him. He died in hospital on June 17, 2009.

Although ten people were identified as having taken part in the brawl, police were unable to convince anyone in the village to come forward.

Thirteen of the accused are facing a year in prison, two of them face four years, and one, charged with manslaughter, is facing 12 years.

The prosecutor is asking for €6,000 in compensation for the injuries and moral damages, €120,000 for the victim’s wife, and €90,000 for each of his children. 


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