Politician resigns over PP murder comment

Susana Camiño made the comment on Facebook.

A Spanish politician has resigned following insensitive comments she made when referring to the PP politician to Isabel Carrasco, who was shot dead yesterday (Monday) in León.


Socialist politician Susana Camiño, a town councillor for Vilagarcía de Arousa in Galicia, has officially announced her resignation today (Tuesday) after reportedly been asked to do so by her party colleagues.


Camiño wrote “I don’t want to comment but you reap what you sow” on her Facebook page when referring to Leon PP Provincial President Isabel Carrasco after she heard the shocking news yesterday.

Isabel Carrasco, 59, was a prominent ruling party politician. She was pronounced dead at 5.20pm yesterday after being shot several times while walking home.

The main suspects in the murder are believed to be a mother daughter who knew her personally. The woman is allegedly the wife of a police chief.

Camiño has been widely criticized on social media sites including Twitter and Facebook.

Reportedly, Camiño soon realised her mistake and removed the comment just one hour after posting it. But by that time the damage had been done. 


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