Stock market courses in Malaga

Buying and selling: explained by top traders.

On May 19 in Malaga there will be “investments, spectacles and learning in equal quantities” according to Hanseatic Brokerhouse which is organising courses in trading in over 15 different Spanish cities.


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The novel initiative, offered for free by German broking house Hanseatic Brokerhouse, aims to teach individuals how the stock market works and how to invest in it.

The offer comes in the form of a “road show” and will include all aspects of the rapid buying and selling done on the stock market.

The trading sessions/lessons will be given by some of the German company’s top traders and will show attendees how financial products are bought, sold and managed.

Hanseatic Brokerhouse is keen to point out that no previous experience is necessary but that participants will need a good head for figures as they must react quickly to the numbers on screen.


  1. No doubt, shortly afterwards, we will see a rash of unqualified
    IFAs advertising themselves. The words “no previous experience necessary” seems to ring lots of bells.
    Will we never learn?


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