Man detained for Almeria mugging

The man was arrested in Almeria.

A man, 25, has been detained for a mugging in Almeria. The mugger also tried to attack the two policemen, with a large knife, when they arrested him.


After a call came in on the emergency line, police were dispatched to central Almeria to investigate a mugging.

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The victim said he had been threatened with a knife and a dog and that the mugger got away with €50.

In just a few minutes police were able to locate a man who fitted the description given and proceeded with his arrest – at which time they were attacked with a knife.

After disarming him the police took him to the station where he confessed to the crime and gave back the €50 which was hidden in his sock.

The mugger has seven previous detentions for similar crimes and has been put on remand until his case can be heard.


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