Scientists find that procrastination is in the genes

The study found that procrastination is in the genes.

If you struggle to finish tasks and have a habit of putting things off, you should probably blame your parents, because scientists have revealed that procrastination is in the genes.


The researchers, from the University of Colorado, quizzed pairs of twins about how much they procrastinate.

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They then compared the answers of the identical twins, who share DNA, with those of non-identical twins, who share just half their DNA.  

The researchers chose this method because it allows them to work out how important genes are when compared to other personality-shaping factors like upbringing and education. 

The study used questions like how often the participants put off jobs until ‘tomorrow’ and whether they avoid tasks until the deadline is looming.  

The US researchers, writing in the journal Psychological Science, said: “Everyone procrastinates at least sometimes, but we wanted to explore why some people procrastinate more than others and why procrastinators seem more likely to make rash actions and act without thinking.

“Answering why that’s the case would give us some interesting insights into what procrastination is, why it occurs, and how to minimize it.”

Study author Daniel Gustavson said: “Learning more about the underpinnings of procrastination may help us develop interventions to prevent it and help us overcome our ingrained tendencies to get distracted and lose track of work.”


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