ETA member placed under house arrest for murder enquiry

The ETA member faces charges related to a Mondragón shoot-out. Photo: Txiki.

Spain’s High Court yesterday (Thursday) placed a convicted ETA terrorist under house arrest, telling him he only has permission to leave his house, accompanied by security officials, to attend doctor’s appointments.


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Jesús María Uribetxeberria Bolinaga was released from prison in 2012 following a court ruling after it was determined that he was suffering from terminal cancer.

The release sparked huge controversy with the public, as well as within the government.

He was serving a sentence for the kidnapping of Jose Antonio Ortega Lara, a top prison director who was held in captivity for 532 days.

The man was found in a nine-by-seven foot windowless room after 60 police officers stormed a factory basement in northern Spain in July 1997.

He now faces new charges related to the death of Guardia Civil officer Antonio Ramos, who was gunned down in a 1986 shoot-out in Mondragón.

According to High Court Judge Ismael Moreno, Bolinaga fired three shots that evening, making him culpable.

In 1987 the Ramos murder case was closed after a court ruled that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge any suspects with the shooting death.

However, the case was reopened recently when prosecutors presented the High Court with a new report implicating Bolinaga.


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