Spanish infant receives seven organs

The operation took place at Madrid's Hospital de la Paz. Photo: Luis Garcia.

A 10-month-old baby, in Valencia, has successfully received seven organs via transplant.


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The baby, Luna, received all the organs from one donor in an operation carried out in the multi-transplant unit of the Hospital de la Paz in Madrid.

She was only a few days old when her digestive system shut down so she was immediately put on the transplant list and had to be permanently connected to a machine which fed her artificially.

During the operation she received a large intestine, small intestine, colon, liver, pancreas, spleen and stomach.

She was released from hospital two weeks ago and is making a good recovery and leading an almost normal life.

According to NUPA, an organisation which supports the families of children who are dependent on a machine to feed them, there are more than 130 children who need this type of multi-organ transplant.

NUPA has begun a project to make the general public aware that this sort of total digestive shutdown exists.

Journalist Alba Santos has written a book for the campaign titled ‘Inside There is a Secret for Heroes.’



Caption – Spain continues to be a world leader in transplants


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