New UK Royal nanny was a tax dodger

The new nanny was named and shamed in her home country for not paying tax. Photo: PA

The UK press has reported that Prince George’s new nanny is on Spain’s shame list for tax dodging.


Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, 43, who started working for the royal couple a few weeks ago, is on a Spanish town hall’s “name and shame” list for failing to pay tax.


Ms Borrallo was threatened with a visit from debt collectors unless she paid the property tax.

She was also fined, forced to pay interest and her name appeared on an online register for tax avoidance in May 2007 and July 2008 for two years’ non-payment.

Ms Borrallo’s name appears on the register – called the Official Provincial Gazette – in her home city of Palencia, in northern Spain.

Although the debt was settled Ms Borrallo’s name still appears on the list as a reminder of the blip.

Following the claims Kensington Palace said it had no comment to make on the tax, other than to repeat that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge “are delighted Maria chose to join the household”.





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