Malaga body identified as missing Ana Isabel Maqueda

The body of Ana Isabel Maqueda has been found in Malaga Province.

A body found earlier this month has been identified as that of Sevilla woman Ana Isabel Maqueda, 28, who has been missing since last November.


The body was found in a car in an advanced stage of decomposition but has now been identified, National Police claim, although it could be some time before the cause of death is known.


Her vehicle had fallen down an embankment in La Virreina area of Malaga into an area 100 metres below which was difficult to access.

The search for the woman had been extended to Fuengirola, where she worked three years earlier and her ex-boyfriend, who currently lives in the Costa del Sol town, was questioned, as well as her friends and family.

The last person to see Ana Isabel was her grandmother, who she lived with, when she left her a glass of milk before leaving the house. When her grandmother returned, she wasn’t at home and her car had gone, but nothing else.

She didn’t go to work that day which alerted her sister to the fact that something was wrong.



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