Over 50% of Catalans want independence

The figures show a slight rise in pro-independence feeling.

A survey has revealed that 60% of Catalans want the region of Catalonia to win independence from Spain.


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A majority proportion of Catalans would vote in favour of independence from Spain in a referendum, according to a survey conducted in the Catalonia region.

The findings were released by the Opinion Research Center on Tuesday.

The poll results come after Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy last month said a push by Catalonia’s autonomous government to hold a referendum in November of 2014 should not be allowed to undermine the unity of Spain.

Rajoy said: “The referendum is illegal and will not happen.”

According to the survey, 60% of Catalans polled said that they backed independence, while 22% said they would be against seeking independence. A total of 16% would abstain from voting.

About 87% of Catalans said they would respect the outcome of any vote.

The figures show a slight rise in pro-independence feeling after a similar survey in the Catalonia region last November indicated that 54.7% of participants would vote for independence.


  1. Haha, yes 87% said they would respect any vote…any LEGAL vote. 95% of Catalonia voted in favour of the current constitution, as late as in 1978, and it states that a LEGAL vote may take place in Spain, and only in all of Spain as it is a Spanish matter. Anyone who does not support and respect the constitution also support lawlessness like in Crimea.
    Also, several independence polls have been made (the avg. seems to be around 50 %) and they all fall way short, including the 60% one just mentioned. In most countries, including the US, there is a 70% majority needed, IF THE CONSTITUTION SO ALLOWES WHICH IT DOES NOT DI IN CAT., over two four year periods so Catalonia fall way short even in that.
    This little game is over and good is that!


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