PSOE wants Senate to ban E-cigarettes in public

PSOE: effects of vapours released by E-cigarettes still unknown.

The party wants to ban E-cigarettes in all bars, shops and hotels


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In one of 60 amendments to the Consumers and Users Law, the political party has presented a legal project to bring about the same laws for E-cigarettes as already exist for traditional tobacco cigarettes.

These laws would apply to the advertisement, sponsorship and consumption of E-cigarettes and has been opposed by the manufacturers.

PSOE senator Encarna Llinares is confident of reaching an agreement with the PP and other political parties on the subject of health saying that they should all be cautious and listen to medical and scientific experts when they say that the effects of the vapours released by E-cigarettes are still unknown.

The National Association of E-Cigarettes has criticised the PSOE accusing them of not recognising the differences between this new method and the traditional cigarette.

Their spokesman Manual Muñoz also pointed out that the PSOE, by asking for this ban, is dampening one of the few growth sectors for employment in Spain.

The association is also somewhat surprised as the PSOE originally defended the need for different legislation specific to the E-cigarette in Congress and it has now done a 180 degree turn by attacking it in the Senate.



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