Peace for all at Ibera

Ready for take-off. Photo: Flickr - jmiguel.rodriguez

Iberia has now reached an agreement with all its ground workers.


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Before going into the ‘handling’ negotiations, the airline has managed to make peace with all ground staff. Salaries will be frozen until 2015 although they do recover the 4% loss from 2013.

Having reached an agreement with the pilots and cabin crew, the agreement of the ground staff (7,000 ground stewards and stewardesses, 3,000 maintenance mechanics and 2,000 in corporate departments) this now allows the company to restructure and renew some of the fleet.

Iberia needed the deal to go through successfully in order to renew the ‘handling’ agreements that they have with the smallest 22 airports, these handle less than a million passengers and are an essential part of the Iberia network.


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