Barca beat Manchester City 2-1

Barcelona´s Neymar played well

Barcelona FC eliminated Manchester City from the 2014 Champions League at yesterday’s Camp Nou match.


Barcelona beat the UK team 2-1 in a game where both teams were eager to get ahead in the European competition after suffering recent losses.


Last weekend Manchester City lost to Wigan, while Barcelona lost to Valladolid.

Yesterday Barcelona coach, Tata Martino, played a strong offensive team with players like Lionel Messi and Neymar having moments of individual brilliance.

Barcal’s Messi scored in the 67th minute while team-mate Brazilian Dani Alves scored the final nail in the coffin goal at the 90th minute.

City’s Kompany managed a goal at the 89th minute – but the game was as good as over. 


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