Urgent Help Needed at The Doghouse Foundation

The Doghouse Foundation Needs Your Help!

As Paul, the owner of The Doghouse, is presently ill and suffering from long term illness, we are in great need of assistance of all types – from volunteers to blankets, dog toys and possibly dog food donations.

At present there are only two volunteers and they are travelling quite a distance and using a rota system of looking after the dogs. This is just not possible to keep up long term.  Without further help the situation will only worsen and the dogs would suffer.

If you feel you could help or contribute in any way please contact Shirley on mobile 650105166 or email [email protected]


Thank you very much. 


  1. Does anyone know who is the solicitor representing The Dog House Foundation (who is probably doing pro bono work for them)? Should be on public record somewhere. Thanks.


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