A healthy brain is key to healthy body

BREAKFAST: A good breakfast helps a healthy brain

SOMETIMES people have habits that they consider normal, but unknowingly they may begin to cause damage to general health and the brain.

People should never forget breakfast; it is vital and necessary for the energy of the day. The nutrients provided in breakfast are essential for the brain to keep working.

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Bad habits can  trigger irritability, a high level of stress and premature ageing. Avoid accumulating stress and concerns because the arteries of the brain could be affected.

Smoking or drinking alcohol can reduce brain mass, so limit intake of both to ensure a healthy brain.

Too much sugar can cause diabetes and impair the absorption of proteins, which in turn can cause the brain to minimise its functions for feeling underfed.

Resting is important, and sleeping eight hours is essential. If the brain does not recover its energy over the necessary time, the process of brain cell loss may be accelerated.


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