Hair rejuvenator


A NEW piece of beauty technology has emerged on the market to stimulate hair growth, called the hair-rejuvenator.

The hands free device is helmet shaped with in-built laser technology and uses photo-biostimulation therapy to help grow hair using the same process as medical professionals.

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Using low level laser therapy, it penetrates into the cells of hair follicles and provides the stimulation needed for them to grow. With 21 built-in lasers and 30 LEDs producing a 665m wavelength, the lights provide “the optimal wavelength used…for increased cellular activity.”

Programmed with its own beauty regimen, the hair-rejuvenator device has five 20-25 minutes programmes set so users can easily get started on their way to increased hair growth. It also has a built-in shut-off system and headphones to plug in to music whilst undergoing treatment.


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