Benidorm bus fares amongst priciest


BENIDORM bus fares are amongst the most expensive in Spain.

An ordinary ticket costs €1.50, said the local branch of the Esquerra Unida (EU) political party.

In contrast this would be charged at €1.40 in Alicante city, €1.25 in Gijon (Asturias), €1.20 in Granada, €1.05 in Murcia and Oviedo and €1 in both Fuengirola and Santiago de Compostela. Not only are the tickets dear, EU continued, but there are few special tariffs or season tickets.


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Retired people on low non-contributory pensions and the disabled get free passes in many towns and cities but not in Benidorm, the spokesman complained.

Local transport is aimed at tourists without benefitting people who live there all year round, he declared.



  1. Have you ever known the majority to say public to say that public transport is not expensive, If you think it is then take a walk the weather is usually nice.


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