Helping out on beaches


THE Civil protection service in Garrucha was involved in almost 600 incidents on the beaches during the summer months.

The main incidents attended by the volunteers were for jellyfish stings (200) spider fish stings (9) and insect bites (9).

Apart from that they were involved in 18 rescues with four people transferred to the health centre and 90 treatments for diverse injuries.

The summer operation of the lifeguards covers three elevated look out points covering the beaches and adds up to a total of 4,000 hours of service.

The team also had at their disposal an emergency 4×4 vehicle.a motorbike and two zodiacs besides a co-ordination centre with breathing apparatus.

The team also provided a bathing service for the disabled with the use of water chairs.


  1. We think that this article under reports bites by fish, we have spent two weeks by Cala Ferrera beach and have been bitten by fish on several occasions. One bite was severe enough to draw blood. We have also witnessed several others reporting similar incidents. The severity and frequency seems to increase year on year. I think that a plan to identify and eradicate the offending fish is overdue.


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