Prostitutes demand better conditions


PROSTITUTES will hold a protest march on Sunday to demand a safe place to work.

The plot where they were told to work in order to avoid fines for being close to businesses, schools or residential areas has been closed off and they have returned to the streets of the Guadalhorce Industrial Estate.

The Secretary of the Spanish Women, Transsexual and Transvestite Sex Workers in Spain Association has said the plot wasn’t ideal, as it didn’t have trees for shade, places to sit or lighting, but at least they could avoid fines there.

Now, they have been told by the Junta de Andalucia that entry is banned because people have been dumping rubbish in the area.

They are looking for other locations which they will suggest to the city hall, including the fairground.

However, the solution they would find ideal is to have an enclosed area which clients would pay to enter, so there would be better hygiene and more safety.  

Local Police in Malaga city have fined almost 660 women for street prostitution so far this year, which is more than in the whole of 2012.


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