Time to go back to school!

BACK TO SCHOOL: The average expenses per student this year is of €164.

Summer holidays are over and the “vuelta al cole” (back to school) is around the corner.

For many the 2013-2014 school year starts next Tuesday and parents are already doing calculations.

The average expense per student this year will be of €640 according to the Spanish Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU).

This figure takes into account enrolment fees, textbooks, school supplies and uniforms.

The latter were once seen as a sign of elitist education in Spain, but are now used in many state schools.

Attending a state or a private school also makes a difference, says OCU.

A student attending a state school will pay an average of €109 per month for transportation, canteen services and extracurricular activities.

Meanwhile, those attending a private school will pay up to €527 for the same services.


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