Discrimination order is ‘illegal and racist’


GUARDIA CIVIL officers in Calvia have complained that they have been ordered to treat African detainees differently.

The United Guardia Civil Association (AUGC) has reported that the Lieutenant Commander of the Calvia station banned them from taking records or alerting the relatives of black people who are arrested.

Instead, they have orders to read them their rights and call the Investigation Area Chief, regardless of the nationality of the detainee and why they have been arrested.

If the arrest takes place in the early hours, the call to the Chief should be made at 8am.

AUGC complains this is “against the law, illegal, racist and xenophobic” and goes “against Human Rights”, as well as leading to “serious consequences for the officers”.

They also say it goes against their duty to be “neutral and impartial” and not discriminate against anyone because of their race, religion or opinion. However, if they fail to obey the orders of their superiors, they could face disciplinary proceedings.



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