Horrendous Gibraltar traffic jams


Spain has supposedly stated that they will repeat the Gibraltar blockade and said it will also continue to stop and check vehicles despite William Hague intervening.

The Spanish Foreign Minister received a phone call from Mr Hague after the Guardia Civil caused eight hour traffic jams which were provoked by stopping every car and motorbike trying to leave the rock.

Allegedly his request for speedy resolution to this problem has fallen on deaf ears as Madrid has bragged it will continue with this controversy. It is said they have replied that ‘exhaustive checks’ will be carried out when felt necessary.

Spain feels that smuggling is becoming a big issue over the Gibraltar – Spanish Border and therefore is reportedly using this as an excuse to fight smuggling and tax evasion.

Thousands of cars were allegedly stopped leaving Gibraltar and it has been described as torture. It has been described as one of the worst traffic jams in the Rock’s history.

With the hot temperatures, local health authorities provided thousands of bottles of water. 


  1. I completely agree, cause huge delays at the airports and futhermore the UK authorities should tax anyone who wants to go on holiday to spain 100 pounds. Both would encourage British holiday makers to go elsewhere. This would result in a catastrophic drop in tourist bookings and badly needed revenues for the Spanish economy. Perhaps the Moroccans should consider border taxes/delays too? Be careful what you wish for.


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