In the police station for suspected reckless manslaughter


The driver that killed 78 people in the train derailment in Spain has been accused of “reckless manslaughter” stated the interior minister. 

Jorge Fernandez Diaz said Francisco Jose Garzon Amo, who was slightly injured in the accident, has been taken to a police station. Mr Garzon Amo is suspected of driving too fast on a bend.

Reports claim that the train was travelling at more than double the speed limit at the time of the crash.


Police have said that Mr Garzon Amo had refused to answer their questions whilst receiving medical care.



A judge was due to interview Mr Garzon Amo, the interior minister said.”He has been detained for the alleged crimes of reckless manslaughter”, he continued. “There are reasonable grounds to consider that he may have been responsible for what happened, which must be established by a judge and the investigation.”



Whilst in hospital, the driver was under constant police surveillance but now he is out, he has supposedly been taken to the police station. 


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