A bar worker hit by a bottle throw by a prostitute


A BAR worker hit by a bottle thrown by a prostitute says police have their hands tied when they make an arrest. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, works in a bar in Magaluf, Calvia.

In the incident he and co-workers managed to apprehend and hold the alleged attacker until Local Police arrived. But, he says, when taken to the Guardia Civil in Son Bugadellas the officer in charge refused to make a report.

The barman said: The local police had to beg him to show an interest in what I had to say. “The officer said the court would probably throw out the case, and we were wasting my time and theirs.”

“The police on the scene had begged me to make a report so they had something on her!

“I feel sorry for the police because they get criticism, but it seems the people at the top have no interest in tourism or the residents.”

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