Spanish Big Brother participant expelled over ETA comments

- Youtube
Argi Gastaka.

A PARTICIPANT on the Spanish Big Brother was thrown off the show for expressing support for Basque Terrorist Group, ETA.  

She and other participants were talking about protests against government cutbacks while in the Big Brother house in Guadalix de la Sierra, Madrid, when Argi, said that the last protest she had been to was to demand the return of ETA.

Her fellow participants in the 14th edition of the programme told her not to “even joke” about such matters, and the 20-year-old Basque architecture student immediately apologised. 

The Terrorism Victims’ Association demanded that she be expelled immediately. 

The management of Mediaset España, the owner of the Spanish TV channel on which ‘Gran Hermano’ is shown, Telecinco, gave her the chance to explain herself, but she was later asked to leave.


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