Spaniards failing to save

© Flikr: Andormix - Isaac Torrontera
SAVINGS: Just 15 per cent put aside cash.

ONLY 15 per cent of Spaniards save regularly. Thirty-nine per cent never save although 46 per cent “occasionally” put money away, they told a survey on international financial habits by ING.  

Just 44 per cent had enough to cover the three months of their usual outgoings, found the Dutch insurance conglomerate. Of the 14,000 people from 14 European countries questioned by ING, the biggest savers were the Austrians and the French.

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A respective 28 and 25 per cent save regularly, ING found, compared with 6 per cent of Italians, of whom 55 per cent admitted that they never saved. Being able to rely on an emergency fund when necessary was their main reason for saving, said the majority, regardless of nationality.


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