Armed violence deaths motivates campaign in Almeria

CURB ARMS: Amnesty International activists in Almeria.

A PERSON is killed every minute of the day due to armed violence.

Amnesty International Almería members have launched a campaign to raise awareness of over a quarter of a million deaths that occur each year due to conflicts around the world.

By regulating the arms trade, they claim that suffering would diminish and instances such as the deployment of armed child soldiers would lessen.

A 10 day conference, which started on Monday in New York, hopes to agree on an international treaty that sets limits and imposes transparency and control on a business worth €100 billion a year

In Spain, 13 of the autonomous parliaments have publicly supported arms control.

A spokesman for Amnesty International Almeria commented: ‘We are aware that there are many interested parties and we are not naive. The treaty will not provide a universal remedy, but we believe it is an essential part of the solution’.

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