Spain is the biggest exporter of shark’s fins

Spain biggest exporters of shark's fin

A list of the biggest exporters of shark’s fin to Hong Kong puts Spain in first place.

According to animal defence organisations, between 26 and 73 millon shark’s fins are sent to Hong Kong every year, the majority of which are used for making the popular soup, considered to be a delicacy and of great social prestige.

This data was revealed in Bangkok during a meeting of the Convention against the International Commerce of Flora and Fauna.

Around 2,000 delegates took part from 177 countries in the conference to debate 70 different proposals for the protection of species of plants and fauna.

The Spanish fishing fleet is one of 15 in all the world that captured most sharks and manta rays in 2010 according to the United Nations Organisation for Food and Agriculture.

The Spanish fleet fishes in almost all of the world and every year capture a great number of sharks whose meat is sold in European markets and the fins are exported to the Asian market.






  1. Spain?! What a dissapointment. They won’t be for long though, Europe can’t have such a disgusting activity taking place just off its shores and with the growing awareness of the inhumaneness treatment experienced by these sharks, it will only be a matter of months before the Spanish government are confronted and bombarded with plees and petitions. We won’t give up until shark finning is done away with, everywhere.


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