Pensioner fined €260 for protest


A PENSIONER whose home was repossessed and who locked herself in a bank’s ATM lobby has been ordered by a judge to pay fines of €261.50.

Angeles Belmonte, 77, had her home in Nijar repossessed after she had acted as guarantor for her son who could not keep up his mortgage repayments. She was fined €20 last year for locking herself in a different branch in Nijar of the same bank.

The fine for this latest episode consists of €60 for locking herself to the ATM and €201.50 in costs that the bank had to pay for a glazier to remove and refit the glass of the door so that the Guardia Civil could gain access to remove her. The judge gave Belmonte one day to pay.

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On another occasion, Belmonte had to be removed after she had locked herself to a banister in a branch on Paseo de Almeria. Since being evicted in September 2011, Belmonte has continued to live as a squatter at her old home.

Her son Miguel Ángel, who is popularly known as the ‘trucker without a truck’ has also protested at the family’s situation by standing outside the courthouse in nappies.


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