Healthy Spain slips down the save children listings

SLIPPING: Spain has gone from 12th to 20th position out of 171 countries. on the Save the Children Survival map.

SPAIN is slipping down the global Save the Children Survival map. It is now in twentieth position, slipping down from twelfth. With an infant mortality rate of five per 1,000 children, Spain is still near the top of the list, but losing places as conditions improve in other countries world-wide.

Spain could reduce the widening gap with better investment in mother-and-child health and education, Eduardo Gonzalez, president of Save the Children Spain suggested when this year’s rankings was presented during the Save the Children awards in Madrid earlier this month.

The best and worst countries for children’s survival are  evaluated  on  infant mortality, maternal care, availability of drinking water, the percentage of underweight children and education.


Iceland, where practically all children are in good health and receive schooling, tops the list of 171 countries surveyed. The worst is Somalia where one in six children dies before the age of five, where 32 per cent die of malnutrition and 70 per cent from lack of drinking water.

Among those receiving a Save the Children award was Vicente del Bosque, manager of Spain’s football team, although he was unable to be present. Not only a national hero, Del Bosque is ambassador to the Down’s Syndrome Foundation and also collaborates with children’s Non-Government Organis-ations.


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