Bonus for Tuesday travellers

ALL ABOARD: Jet-setters should check out Tuesdays when they want to travel with an eye on cost.

IF you want the cheapest airline tickets, then check out Tuesdays! In a consumer watchdog Which? survey into 1,174 flights within Europe with Ryanair, easyJet and British Airways, some Sunday flight costs soared 175 per cent compared to two days later.

Flying from London Gatwick to Alicante with easyJet on a Tuesday on average saves 25 per cent compared to travelling on a Friday, the survey revealed.

Meanwhile the £100 (€125) cost of a Barcelona to Heathrow ticket with British Airways on Tuesdays leapt to £275 (€343) on a Sunday, while the £100 (€125) cost of a Heathrow to Barcelona ticket with British Airways on a Tuesday leapt to £150 (€187.5) by Friday and Saturday. 

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Which? said: “People can save a significant sum if they can be flexible changing the day or time they choose to travel.”


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