60 SECOND INTERVIEW: How a writer and journalist nearly became circus clown


Wanderlust has taken award-winning journalist, writer and blogger Karen McCann from her native California to more than 30 countries.

Nicole Hallett reports.

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Vital Statistics

Age: 60

Status: Married                     


Lives: Seville


In Spain: Eight years

Hobbies: Painting, exploring Seville and global travel               

Love: Living abroad

Dislike: Air travel

Best thing about Spain: Pace of life

Worst: Bureaucracy

Always in fridge:  Chocolate


How did you get into journalism? 

I approached a local Ohio paper with an idea for an article which led to assignments, then jobs with regional magazines.


Volunteer work?

My husband and I volunteered with NGOs who needed help with micro-enterprises in the Republic of Georgia, Bosnia, Mexico, El Salvador and Kenya.


Other jobs? 

Graphic design, marketing and public relations and setting-up volunteer fire dept support team after 9/11.


Favourite places?  

To live: Spain.. To visit: Impoverished Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan; it is so spiritual and like stepping back in time. 


Strangest achievements?  

Hitching a ride with the circus as a teenager and nearly becoming a clown. Eating fried flies in Thailand. Taking part in police stakeout of crazed gunman in Ohio.


Proudest achievement?  

Writing and publishing my book Dancing in the Fountain: How to Enjoy Living Abroad.


Best way to enjoy living abroad?

Mentally unpack your bags. Embrace the way things are done in the new country of residence.


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