19th century canons to undergo restoration

RECOVERY: Councillor Eva Mayor joined by Antonio Couto from the Municipal Archives visited the canons that will be restored.

FOUR canons that were thrown into the sea by the French military in the 19th century are going to be restored by Benidorm’s Cultural and History Heritage Council. Councillor Eva Mayor announced that the canons, which have been stored in a warehouse, will be prepared for public exhibition. The historical pieces originated from the Castillo area in Benidorm but during the French occupation they were tossed into the sea, where two canons still remain. Mayor explained that the council will consult experts in order to accurately date the canons before restoration begins. Antonio Couto who is in charge of the Municipal Archives joined Councillor Mayor in a visit to see the canons. Once restoration is complete, the council intends to find a spot for them, possibly in the squares in el Castillo. “They are part of Benidorm culture and heritage,” said Mayor.


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