More than 50 per cent of feria workers illegal


LABOUR union spokespeople have estimated that more than half of Malaga Feria workers are being paid under the table this year. 

CCOO and UGT union members have asked the local government to hire more work inspectors to fight the growing tendency to hire workers without contracts or with contracts that do not include their full work hours. These employees are supposedly doing ‘extra hours’ and are very hard to control, however, a greater presence of inspectors on the fairgrounds will deter speculating businesspeople who are ‘taking advantage of the economic situation.’ According to the general secretary of UGT Malaga, Manuel Ferrer, the new work reform makes it impossible to control partially legal work contracts. 

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Also, CCOO-A hoteliers representative, Gonzalo Fuentes pointed out that “the submerged economy is a blight on the hospitality sector, given that in times of crisis, the need to survive makes people accept anything they can get.”  The union representatives said that business owners know this and take advantage of the fact that what one unemployed person rejects, the next will accept. 

Article by Daphne Hilarides



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