Interpol’s most wanted caught in Torrevieja


THE National Police put an end to the search for one of the 30 most wanted criminals by Interpol.

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Swedish drug trafficker, Donald Roskic, was found in Torrevieja where he had been hiding since 2005.
Police informed the public that the fugitive, aged 36, had an international order of extradition for drug trafficking after he bought 11 kilos of drugs with intent to sell them in Sweden in 2004 and 2005.

Roskic’s name was put on the ‘black list’ along with 29 other criminals who were wanted worldwide.
Apparently the drug trafficker was living a normal life in Torrevieja where he worked for a security company. Roskic was not deterred from travelling and even made a trip to Holland, which only helped the investigation. In an attempt to throw off the authorities he adopted his brother’s documentation as his own.

Torrevieja’s numerous housing developments and large foreign population made it a difficult place to locate a fugitive like Roskic.

According to police sources, Roskic has already been presented before the high court that is in charge of his extradition to Sweden. Once he arrives to his home country, he will be tried for drug trafficking.


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