Punishing agenda


MOST in power at this particular moment, would probably be voted out.

Rajoy received a punishment vote in Andalucia, Cameron in Britain, Sarkozy in France. Rajoy’s huge parliamentary majority means he will nevertheless stay put and doubtless his only consolation is the knowledge that no leader can expect popularity in times of crisis when voters want their president to brandish a magic wand, not balance sheets.


All in it together

IT is one thing to reject austerity, as voters in France, Greece and, to a lesser extent, Andalucia have done.

But where will anti-austerity cash come from?

One thing is indisputable: the cash-strapped Spanish do not particularly want to see the little public money that is around blued by public figures on private expenses.

So this is definitely not the right moment to learn that State Attorney Carlos Divar allegedly spent €5,658 on non-official high speed train AVE journeys to a Puerto Banus hotel.


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