Injured animals find new home at Cordoba Zoo


CORDOBA Zoo has given a home to several injured animals which can no longer survive in the wild.

The animals which are found injured are taken to Andalucian Centres for the Recovery of Endangered Species.

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Most of them recover, but some of them would no longer be able to survive in the wild, so the Junta de Andalucia Environmental Department has decided to collaborate with zoos, research and breeding centres in Spain in abroad to find them homes.

To begin with, Cordoba Zoo will be homing a chameleon, a heron, a stork, a tawny owl, a kestrel and a cattle egret.

Meanwhile, a vulture which is now unable to fly has been adopted by a French zoo.

Eighty per cent of the animals which are taken to the Recovery Centres are birds of prey which have been injured in a variety of situations.


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