Obama shows true colours as media lose the plot


COUPLE of ‘craw-stickers’ this week. Firstly, surprise, surprise! Obama finally showed his true ‘colours’.

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In the aftermath of the tragic Trayvon Martin affair (before the investigation had been concluded, I may add) America’s first black president, who works hard to appear totally anti-racist, stood before the American public and declared, and I quote, ‘If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon’ Unquote.

Whoa, just a minute! What is that supposed to mean?

Because he would have been a young male?

Because he had one head, two arms and so forth? Of course not. Barrack Obama, no doubt attempting to appease his Afro American supporters, was virtually telling them, and ultimately the world, that this young man was targeted because he was black – just like him.

I could of course fill this and indeed a number of blurbs regarding this subject, and then some, but I won’t bore you.

Regular readers will know my views on Obama.

I think this latest attitude simply helps to cement my former opinions of the most powerful man in the world.

And on everybody’s own heads be it! Next ‘sticker’ was, in my opinion, the completely over the top reaction to the heart attack suffered by unfortunate footballer Fabrice Muamba.

Teams taking to the pitch, with T-shirts urging prayers for his recovery.

Moments of silence observed across the country. Media headlines chock-a-block full of the latest condition and history of this young man.

Facebook and Twitter inundated with messages of support, and sorrow throughout the land.

Two days later, Captain Rupert Bowers became the latest soldier to be killed in Afghanistan. You know what? He never even made Page Three.

One privileged young man from a team of millionaires, who earn their living kicking a ball about, has a (thankfully) non-fatal heart attack and receives a blanket of sympathy across the nation, while a second, who gets blown to bits trying to protect the freedom of his country hardly gets a mention. Is it not time we got our priorities at least a little more correct?

Finally, a piece of local news. There’s a ghost in the loo of the Fountain Bar, Magalluf. A pooing poltergeist! The mind boggles.

Keep the faith
Love Leapy


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