Motoactv: GPS fitness tracker and MP3 Player


MOTOACTV is the world’s first GPS fitness tracker and MP3 player all in one.

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It is also a heart rate monitor-enabled (when paired with optional heart rate sensor accessory) and smart music player packed into a small device.

You can sync the device with your PC, and you can check out the music you perform track your workouts over extended time periods.

set goals, and even create workout competitions with your friends or via the Motoactv Web Portal. Motoactv uses Motorola AccuSense technology and GPS to ensure measurement accuracy of your performance.

The Motoactv Web Portal analyzes the performance data.

You can also get workout tips and training plans from fitness experts, so you’ll break through to the next level faster than you thought possible.

The device can store up to 4,000 songs while tracking your every move. There are two different models available one with 8GB capacity or 16GB.

The Motoactv is available from Amazon UK for £244,99 ( €289,19)


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