‘El Cuco’ refuses to pay for search for Marta del Castillo’s body


THE minor sentenced in the murder of Sevilla teen Marta del Castillo, has refused to pay part of the costs of the search for her body.

Francisco Javier Garcia Marin, known as ‘El Cuco’, has appealed the sentence from Sevilla Provincial Court which requires him to pay €414,000, as “it is not up to him” whether the body is found or not.


‘El Cuco’ was sentenced to almost three years in prison and another of freedom under surveillance for covering up Marta’s murder. She went missing in Sevilla on January 24, 2009.

Her ex-boyfriend, Miguel Carcaño, has been jailed for 20 years for her murder, despite her body never being found. He confessed he had killed her during an argument at his home after hitting her in the head with an ashtray.

However, he denied knowing where her body was.

‘El Cuco’ confessed that he had helped to hide the body, but also refused to say where it was. Carcaño’s older brother, his brother’s girlfriend and a friend were all acquitted by Sevilla Provincial Court.


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